Claude Monnet and his long time friend Sebastien Rexovice are joining their production skills on their new project Lebert and Rebel.
From the first listening of that 2 songs EP you can feel Detroits and Chicago ‘s house and techno’s influence. “In the morning” takes us between hypnotic and syrupy chords and an infectious low beat groove until the vocals comes in and magic happens!
With its tabs, its baseline and its spoken vocals at the same time dark, strong and impactful ,” I see you dancing” is both groovy and punchy ; the keyboards take us to a place where space and time intertwine and where music takes over.

This Ep is a Bullet !

Early Love from:

• Glenn Underground : Still Checking “I see you dancing” Out, So Far So Good !!!!!

• Quentin Harris : Into I See You Dancing. Can see this working a dance floor.

• Vanilla Ace : Nice grooves, will try “In the morning” out.

• Bimas : Really good sound here! In the morning is really interesting. Thanks.

• Hector Romero : Thank you for the gems: Great groove that’s going to do well for me – nice one

• Paco (Open House): Great peak time track, will play it for sure. (In the morning)

• Terry Farley : AMAZING . TENAGLIA IN HIS GLORY YEARS (I see you dancing)

• Paul C : cool…. nice tracks…. thank u for the music (In the Morning)

• Cj Macintosh : In the Morning is working. Will support 🙂

• Freddy Turner : Love it And It works for me in all my spaces (In the Morning)

• Citizen kain : In love for “I see you dancing” !

• Fabio Effe : very very nice ep,i see you dancing is a big track!!!!!

• Groove assassins : Serious heat this will bang the floors! (In the Morning)

• Dario Dattis : really catchy grooves . . . will play both of them . . . thank you !

• Jojo Flores : Love it. Can’t wait to drop it.(In the Morning)

• Keith Evans : Very nice! Will drop them this weekend no doubt…both!

• Dj Meme : Beautiful ! Will drop it for sure.(In the Morning)

• Kiko Navaro : Very soild EP Claude, I feel more in the morning, great vocals and simple but effective arrangements.

Also Supported by Amin Edge, Dave Angel, Mr Mike, Checco Tessarini, Rhythm Staircase, Dave Storm, Parrish wintersmith and many more…